10 destinations people are flocking to this fall that you've probably never heard of

10 destinations people are flocking to this fall that you’ve probably never heard of
10 destiпatiοпs ρeορle are flοckiпg tο this fall that yοu’ve ρrοbably пever heard οf
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When fall approaches, there is a wild rush for pumpkin spice-flavored beverages and comfortable autumn holiday destinations.

Airbnb has compiled a list of the top 10 vacation locations for autumn 2019 based on the percentage of growth in reservations compared to the same period last year. The list is intended to assist tourists in locating the ideal place for sweater weather.

From a little village in the center of the Austrian Alps to a breathtaking paradise in Puerto Rico, these are the most underestimated autumn locations.

Boasting breathtaking views of the Austrian Alps, Obertraun, whose reservations increased by 232% from the previous year, is undeniably gorgeous throughout the year.

Obertraun, Austria

Obertraun, Austria. Flowersandtraveling/Shutterstock

The hamlet in central Austria is especially distinguished for its spectacular autumn foliage, which makes the period preceding winter particularly remarkable.

Obertraun tourists enjoy hiking, bicycling, and swimming along the beautiful Hallstatter See, which surrounds the town.

Pinehurst is a picturesque hamlet in central North Carolina that is widely known for its famed golf resort with the same name. Bookings surged by 243% compared to the same period previous year.

pinehurst nc

Pinehurst is located in North Carolina. David Alexander/Getty Images

Over its history, Pinehurst Resort has hosted the US Open, Ryder Cup, and PGA Championship, and many people go there to play their own rounds.

The coastal town of Anderson, South Carolina, which borders Georgia, is a boating paradise with brilliant auburn coastlines in the fall. This year saw 247% higher reservations than the previous fall.

anderson sc

Anderson is a city in South Carolina. Reedy River Drone company/Pixabay

In addition to activities on Lake Hartwell, Anderson offers pleasant autumn weather, charming inns, and entertaining community events.

Halle, Germany, is a picturesque city in central Germany famous for its hilltop zoo and the Handel-House, the birthplace of the renowned composer George Frideric Handel. This year, Halle's reservations climbed by 248%.

halle, germany

Halle is located in Germany. ArTono/Shutterstock

Every year, Halle hosts a two-week music festival in honor of Handel. The community also honors its renowned former resident by welcoming tourists to his home, which has been converted into a museum dedicated to his life. In addition, Halle is home to a number of art museums, Germany's oldest chocolate factory, and Roter Turm, a magnificent Gothic bell tower in the city center.

Tepoztlán, Mexico, is a tiny hamlet located 50 miles south of Mexico City with profound roots to Aztec civilisation and culture. The town's bookings increased by 250% since the collapse.

Tepoztlán, Mexico

Tepoztlán, Mexico. MattGush/Shutterstock

Tepoztlán is home to the Tepozteco pyramid, which sits on a cliff overlooking the city. Moreover, the village is believed to be the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god of the Aztecs.

During their time in Tepoztlán, visitors may also trek in Tepozteco National Park and try pulque, a popular Mexican alcoholic beverage with a creamy consistency.

At Culebra, Puerto Rico, travelers may enjoy crystal-clear seas, white sand beaches, and lush tropical woods even while temperatures fall elsewhere in the world. It is hardly surprising that reservations are up 250% over last year.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra, Puerto Rico. Chad Zuber/Shutterstock

Windsurfing, scuba diving, and sunbathing are typical sports in Culebra. The tropical island is home to Tamarindo Beach, which is renowned for its beautiful seas and diverse animals, as well as Punta Melones, which offers breathtaking views of the sunset.

Miguel Hidalgo is one of the sixteen alcaldes of Mexico City (townships). It features upscale eating, retail, and residential sectors. The neighborhood's Airbnb bookings increased by 279 percent compared to the previous year.

Polanco, Mexico City

Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City. Aberu.Go/Shutterstock

In this area of the capital city of Mexico, there is plenty to discover, from magnificent castles to a modern architectural marvel in the enormous Museo Soumaya, a key art museum. You may also enjoy the outdoors in the almost 1,700-acre "Bosque de Chapultepec" park.

Beppu, Japan is teeming with natural hot springs surrounded by magnificent burnt-orange vegetation. The region witnessed a 288% increase in bookings over autumn 2018.

Beppu, Japan

Beppu, Japan. Supachita Krerkkaiwan /Shutterstock

The city, which has over 2,000 hot springs, is well known for Hell Circuit, a series of scenic springs that are dispersed around the geothermal island.

While the Swiss Mountains are best known as a winter resort, Beatenberg, Switzerland is an autumn refuge, as seen by the 312% increase in reservations this year.

Beatenberg, Switzerland

Beatenberg, Switzerland. Burben/Shutterstock

The region is renowned for its breathtaking waterfalls, picturesque hiking paths, and pure lakes.

Wascana Centre, one of North America's largest parks, provides tourists with a breathtaking view of Regina, Canada's autumn foliage. The city topped Airbnb's list with a staggering 328% rise in reservations over the previous autumn.

regina canada

Regina, Canada. Rey Garces/Getty Images

According to the city's tourist website, Regina is also home to the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, and Casino Regina.

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